Portrait photo of Jack wearing a colorful floral shirt while standing in front of a building.

I am an environmental and sustainability expert, consultant, environmental planner, nature lover, lifelong learner, asker of questions, thinker, challenger, critic, writer, curator, producer, editor, advocate, and activist.

I have an insatiable curiosity. One of my biggest motivations is and always has been learning. My advanced education and professional training thus far have been on two continents in six countries with nine institutions.

Transdisciplinarity is integral to my approach, having been educated in disciplines as diverse as human relations, ecology, atmospheric sciences, climate change, performance poetry, economics, political science, urban studies, sociology, philosophy, law, biology, chemistry, anthropology, geography, mathematics, literature, water management, and EIA (this is a non-exhaustive listing).

I am physically based in Helsinki. I have previously lived in Evenstad, Ekenäs, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Oulunsalo, Ranua, Western North Dakota, and Central Minnesota.

Qualifications and Education

Master's Student of Atmospheric Sciences, Biogeochemical Cycles study track.

University of Helsinki, Finland.

Certified Environmental Planner.

Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland.


Bachelor of Natural Resources, Sustainable Coastal Management.

Courses and internships in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland.

Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland.


Bachelor of Elective Studies, Liberal Studies. Minor in Geography.

St. Cloud State University, USA.


Courses in economics, classics, and Mandarin Chinese.

Macalester College, USA.


Courses in textile handwork, woodwork, Finnish language, culinary arts, etc.

Folk High School of Ranua, Finland.


Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts and Sciences (Summa Cum Laude).

St. Cloud State University, USA.


Mission and Values

Thriving life for all, within planetary boundaries. I envision a world that is ecologically sound and socially just and am working to get us there.

I am guided by intersectional feminism, nonoppression, decolonization, and deep ecology in my work and practice.